How To Find a Financial Advisor: Upcoming Webinars

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The Decision Is Critical 

Your choices about financial advice have a huge impact over your lifetime. Other than decisions about relationships and careers, these choices may have the biggest impact on your personal life. There are two trends that make finding a financial advisor difficult for investors:

#1- An overload of financial information

Technology now provides investors with too much information. People are overwhelmed with information about investing. They don’t have a tool to shift through all of the information and determine what is useful.

#2- An increasing number of advisors

The number of financial advisors is growing. Professiosnals such as CPAs, Attorneys, Bankers and Insurance Agents are entering the field. As the number of professionals increases, so does the advertising and marketing. Investors also need a tool to choose a financial advisor.

It’s Overwhelming

The two trends leave investors overwhelmed. Since the process of finding the right advisor is so difficult, many people don’t take action at all. They end up with someone they’re referred to- maybe through a friend, a relative, or a connection at work.

An investor may end up with an advisor who does not really serve their needs.

A Roadmap

This webinar gives the investor a roadmap they can use to choose a financial advisor. You can find an advisor who understands your unique needs. Some may find that they have the time and ability to manage their investment needs on their own.

The goal is to help people move toward making better, more appropriate financial decisions. Informed decisions can make a huge difference over a lifetime.

The Course

The course is divided into three parts:

Part 1: An overview of investments- Know some basics

Part 2: Using information- How much can you do yourself?

Part 3: The criteria to find a financial advisor

After Taking The Course

You’ll receive a checklist you can use to consider what you learned and apply it to your personal situation. Talk to people you trust- the more, the better. Ask them about their experiences with financial services.

Course Dates, Details, How To Register

This hour-plus course is intended to be an introduction into the topic. The webinar is presenting using Go To Meeting. You’ll be able to log in for both video and audio, as well as type in questions via liva chat.

Each course is limited to 20 people. This small class size encourages everyone to ask questions via chat. I add courses based on demand.

Our next class dates are Saturday, 8/22 at Noon central, and Wednesday, 8/26 at 6pm central. Classes are presented on both weekends and weeknight evenings, to accomodate the viewer.

The cost of the course is $10. To register, submit your payment via Paypal. My email address ( is my account number at Paypal. Please indicate which date and time you prefer. I will send you a meeting link, and provide a follow up link a few days before the meeting.

Please use this course to get a roadmap and use it to find a financial advisor.

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