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Financial 1 The Balance Sheet/ Assets Defined


Financial 2 The Income Statement/ Debits and Credits


Financial 3 Journal Entries, T-Accounts


Financial 4 Journal Entries, T-Accounts


Financial 5 Accruals and Deferrals

Financial 5A: Accruals and Deferrals

Financial 6 Accruals and Deferrals


Financial 6A Unearned Revenue: Gift Certificates


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Financial 7 Inventory: FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Specific Identification


Financial 7A Inventory: LIFO Reserve


Financial 7B Inventory: Goods Available for Sale

Financial 7D  Dollar Value LIFO Inventory Valuation

Financial 8 Trading and Available for Sale Securities


Financial 9 Intangible Assets, Research and Development Expense


Financial 10 Segment Reporting

Financial 11 Depreciation: Double Declining Balance/ Straight Line/ Activity-Based

Financial 13 Receivables: Installment Method for Receivables, Deferred Gross Profit

Financial 13B  Receivables: Allowance Method and Direct Write-Off Method

Financial 14B  Empty Shelves and the Cash Conversion Cycle

Financial 15 Payables: Accruals, Payment Terms, FOB Shipping Point

Financial 16   Bank Reconciliations and Proof of Cash

Financial 16A  Bank Reconciliations and Proof of Cash (Part 2)

Financial 16B  Bank Reconciliations and Proof of Cash (Part 3)

EBITDA and Cash Flow: Company Valuations

Valuations: Normalizing Accounting Adjustments

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