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Cost 1 Fixed, Variable Costs, Breakeven Point


Cost 2 Variable Costs, Fixed Costs: Total Costs and Per Unit Costs


Cost 3 Cost Behavior/ Relevant


Cost 4 Process Costing


Cost 4A Process Costing: T-Accounts, Income Statement Impact /Process Cost Review

Spoilage and Scrap: Ford F150 Example

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Cost 5 Equivalent Units of Production


Cost 5A Equivalent Units of Production


Cost 6 Cost Per Equivalent Unit


Cost 6A Cost Per Equivalent Unit- FIFO and Weighted Average Methods 

Cost 7 Flexible Budget/ Static Budget


Cost 8 Flexible Budget/ Contribution Margin/ Variance


Cost 8A Contribution Margin/ Margin of Safety

Cost 9 Sales Volume Variance


Cost 10 Standard Costs

Cost 11 Standard Costs/ Variances


Cost 12 Investigating Variances


Cost 13 Flexible Budgeting/ Batch Costing


Cost 14 Standard Costs/ Variances


Cost 16 Responsibility Centers


Cost 17 Cost Accounting: Labor, Material and Sales Variances


Cost 17A Under or Overallocated Overhead


Cost 17B Flow of Manufacturing Costs/ Overhead Variance


Cost 17C Allocating Indirect (Overhead) Costs

Cost 17D Allocating Indirect (Overhead) Costs: WIP, Job Cost Sheets, Support Costs

Cost 18 Cash Budgeting: Payables, Receivables


Cost 19 Target Profit, Margin of Safety


Cost 19A Target Profit: Impact of Income Taxes


Cost 20 Overtime Premium, Idle Time


Cost 21 Effect of Sales Mix on Income

Cost 21A  Sales Mix Variance, Sales Quantity Variance

Cost 21B   Sales Mix Decision for a Farmer

Cost 21C   Sales Mix Variance, Sales Quantity Variance- Smart Decisions About Pricing

Cost 23, Part 1   Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

Cost 23, Part 2   Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

Cost Accounting for Dummies: Chap 9 Inventory Quiz with Answers Linked

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