The Shocking Truth About $9.99

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Does $9.99 really make that much of a difference?

It dawned on me on the Wednesday before Thanskgiving that I had subscription fees that were posting over the holiday weekend. They were on my budget as expense items, but I still needed to reconcile my bank account to see if they had posted correctly. Not a big deal, but it was just one more thing that I had to do before I headed out of town.

So, besides the added time to monitor the expense, I had to ask myself: Does a $9.99 subscription fee really make a make a difference in my budget?

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You may be asking yourself the same question. The answer for both of us is yes- let me make the case why $9.99 can have a huge impact on your personal budget.

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Halloween Night: A Personal Finance Story (Chap. 3)


Authors’ note:

Explaining personal finance can be pretty dull. That’s a problem, if you need to learn about personal finance.

On a plane from St. Louis to Seattle, I decided to try and fix the problem. What if I could wrap some personal finance concepts inside of a quirky (even funny) short story? My goal here is to present some information, and then add another step in the story. So, when you get to the end, you’ve been reminded of a personal finance concept- but you’ve received the information in a light-hearted way.

Anyway, that’s the goal here. The stories are written in chapter order, so that there is a logical flow for the reader. Enjoy!

Halloween weather is always tricky in St. Louis.

This year’s weather couldn’t be better. Greg chuckled to himself as he set up folding chairs in the driveway as darkness set in. Greg’s driveway was situated along a busy route for trick or treaters, so he set up folding chairs, lights, candy (and a cooler of beer) so he could hand out candy.

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6 Ways To Reduce Your Home Mortgage Interest Costs

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The amount of interest you pay on your home mortgage may have the biggest impact on your personal finances over your lifetime.

Not sure you believe me? Well, consider this example:

I really like Bankrate’s website, and the site provides a simple home mortgage interest calculator. Let’s assume that you’re buying a $300,000 home loan, putting down a $15,000 cash deposit and borrowing the remaining $285,000 for 30 years. At a 5% rate, your payments are $1,529 a month. If, instead, you have to pay 6.5%, your monthly payment is $1,801 a month.

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