3 Little Known Factors That Can Affect Your Portfolio: Quandl’s Guide


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So, I saw something the other day that I’ve never seen before.

I was coming out of a grocery store that was up a hill from a major street, and a truck was approaching the intersection. The truck was hauling a bulldozer on a flatbed trailer and, as the truck approached the intersection, it starting honking- a lot like an emergency vehicle moving through an intersection.

It was obvious that the driver had been thought the intersection before, because as drivers head up the hill toward the light, it’s difficult for crossing traffic to see who is coming through the intersection.

Using wisdom to get better results.

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4 Customer Service Must-Haves For Investors

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So, we’ve all been in these places…

It’s the quirky restaurant that every city seems to have, and the service isn’t very good- but all the diners think it’s part of the charm. They’re willing to put up with it, so they can feel like they’re “in on the joke”. They’re typically a tourist destination, and visitors hear about the poor service before they step foot in the door.

(Preview video): Top 10 Personal Finance Mistakes (And The Tools To Avoid Them)/ The Pilot Course

Poor service is OK for a quirky restaurant- but it’s a critical problem when it comes to investing. I spend a lot of time on my blog talking about what investors need to do to create a plan and meet their goals, but this post is about what you need- what you MUST have- from your money managers (financial advisors, mutual funds, retirement plan administrators).

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